About Coaching

About Coaching

Discover the best version of you

Having emerged from the field of sports, been adopted, transformed and developed first in business and then in the area of self development, the basis of coaching lies in the principle of empowering people by facilitating independent learning, personal growth and improved performance. In short, coaching helps you find the best version of you, deal with problems head on and take the action you need to succeed.

Empower and Support

My role as your coach is to empower and support you to move from where you are now to where you want to be. In order to do this I am interested in understanding what is truly important to you – what makes you tick and what you really want from life. I am 100% committed to the success of each and every client and seek to facilitate in you heightened awareness and responsibility, the ability to set and achieve strong goals, to see failure as an opportunity to learn, to recognise choice in every situation and to generate options to move forward.

Make the most of key organisational resources

People are the driving force in every organisation. Coaching provides the opportunity to align organisational outcomes with personal skills, motivation and drive, ensuring high levels of success and attracting and retaining the best talent.

A Safe Environment

Coaching is non-judgmental and provides you with a safe environment in which to express and explore your dreams and ambitions; doubts and fears; strengths and weaknesses.
The process is completely confidential and adheres to a strict Code of Conduct.


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“Performance = Potential - Interference”

Tim Gallwey, Founder of 'The Inner Game'

Coaching helps you to recognise your true potential and deal with the obstacles and interference up front.

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The Emotional Capital Report

"The ECR is the best test system I have ever seen. I would recommend it with my head and my heart."

Professor Bertil Mardberg, University of Gothenburg and one of Europe's most respected psychometricians Click here to find out more