Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership exists at various levels within an organisation and Performance Coaching UK is dedicated to developing and supporting all new and established leaders to fulfil their role with confidence and conviction.

Develop leadership skills

Being good at a job or a particular skill does not in itself make a good leader and we are often thrust into the position without much training or guidance. PCUK works with your organisation to shape leaders who also have the ability to inspire others, coordinate action, develop strategy and respond to uncertainty with effectiveness and speed.

Leadership Coaching Works

Leadership coaching works to:

  • Increase self awareness and the impact people have on others
  • Build confidence, resilience and forward vision
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build credibility and trust
  • Lead by example
  • Recognise and embrace a strategic responsibility
  • Develop a strong self-leadership minsdet
  • Define and balance skills of management and those of leadership

A Safe Environment

A position of leadership can often feel isolated. Through a carefully crafted combination of coaching, training and assessment the new or established leader can find a safe and supportive environment in which to develop their self, their role and their impact on the organisation.

EQ and Leadership

Improve leadership by developing Emotional Intelligence using the Emotional Capital Report


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The Emotional Capital Report

"The ECR is the best test system I have ever seen. I would recommend it with my head and my heart."

Professor Bertil Mardberg, University of Gothenburg and one of Europe's most respected psychometricians Click here to find out more