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Musicians and Performers

An essential foundation

As a performer it is essential to have a strong grounding in basic skills, technique and knowledge of your genre. It follows then that it is also important to know what your brain - the most amazing and complex organ in your body - is doing to support you, both in preparation and performance.

Developing a strong mindset

Being aware and in control of what and how you are thinking at any given time frees you up to express your abilities as a performer and musician. Ignoring how this works can often result in your mind sabotaging your efforts, or at best, simply not being as helpful as it is capable of being. Based on a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, Applied Neuro Science and Emotional Intelligence, individual performance coaching and training can:

  • Improve and maintain performance levels
  • Increase confidence
  • Use mental rehearsal to great effect
  • Increase resilience
  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Communicate effectively in rehearsals
  • Increase enjoyment
  • Remind you why you chose to be a musician / performer in the first place!

Workshops and Training

I run both 1-off workshops to introduce the benefits of 'Getting Your Brain onside' as well as more detailed programmes tailored to your individual needs. These are designed and informed by over 25 years working in high performance situations and a similar time teaching from infant to conservatiore level.


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The Emotional Capital Report

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