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My Services 

Organisational Clients

By taking time to get to now your organisation, PCUK designs all coaching and training to meet your specific needs and requirements and I would be happy to meet with you to discuss how this would work for your organisation.

Large Scale Projects

From independent projects benefiting from personal attention and direct communication to partnering with larger organisations PCUK has a range of working practices and partners to meet your requirements.

Idependent Clients

My coaching and training services are carefully tailored to my clients needs, outcomes and schedule. I would be happy to have a breif no obligation consulatation to explore how this would work for you personally. 

My Services

Tailor made one-to-one coaching for personal performance, leadership and career development.

Team coaching, from assembling the most effective team to establishing a shared focus and commitment and ultimately achieving the strongest outcome.

Bespoke training, including: developing EQ; Leadership Development; Giving and receiving effective feedback; Utilising a coaching approach; Succesful NLP; all with optional on-going coaching to support practical application.


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The Emotional Capital Report

"The ECR is the best test system I have ever seen. I would recommend it with my head and my heart."

Professor Bertil Mardberg, University of Gothenburg and one of Europe's most respected psychometricians Click here to find out more