NLP in Coaching

NLP - Modelling Excellence

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is basically the art of modelling excellence: defining the essential elements of success, refining them into a repeatable format and adopting them as habit.

Many 'strategies for excellence' have already been identified, resulting in various tools and techniques that can be easily taught and replicated. NLP is known to support effective behavioural change on a range of issues from overcoming phobias to consolidating brilliant sporting performance.

NLP in coaching

Using NLP in coaching is rather like using sports psychology to good effect across all areas of personal and professional performance.

It works to:

  • Overcome fears and increase confidence
  • Achieve stronger more confident outcomes
  • Manage yourself and your state to a much higher level
  • Communicate effectively and positively influence others
  • Get the edge over your competitors

Modelling Excellence in business

It is possible to model excellence in almost any context, both process and performance, which in turn can be developed into strategies for improving efficiencey accross your business or organisation. In NLP terms this is referred to as identifying the 'difference that makes the difference', refining it to a workable strategy and applying it to your individual context.

Modelling Excellence in Your Self

It is true that many of us perform differently in different contexts. Working with an NLP coach can support you to adopt the ‘best version of you’ in a variety of circumstances.


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