Coaching in organisations
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Coaching in Organisations

Organisations thrive when the people in that organisation thrive. A coaching relationship partners both your organisation and its employees, understanding the values and vision of both, and supports your people to turn up as the best version of themselves, engaged and committed to your outcomes and ready to drive them forward.

Individual Performance

Align individual and organisational success ……

A coaching partnership allows people to write their own story, to decide what success looks like, both individually and as part of the organisation. Providing the support and encouragement to achieve this can lead to a highly motivated and productive workforce with increased pride and responsibility in the organisation and a commitment to it’s success, now and in the future.

Many things have an impact on how people turn up at work and how successful and motivated they are when they get there. Performance coaching provides an opportunity to stop and take stock, build a compelling vision, explore options for change and meet challenges head on.

Use Performance Coaching to help your employees:

  • Build confidence
  • Become quick and effective decision makers
  • Develop exceptional relationship and communication skills
  • Sustain drive and motivation
  • Develop the ability to positively influence others
  • Build resilience and forward focus
  • Take pride and responsibility for driving organisational success
  • Enjoy high energy levels from a healthy work-life balance
  • Establish effective time management skills
  • Establish strong self control
Leadership Development

Inspirational leadership throughout your organisation

A position of leadership can often feel isolated with no one to turn to or bounce ideas off and new leaders especially can find the transition from team member much more challenging than expected. PCUK provides a safe and supportive environment to explore and develop a leader’s individual style, their role and their impact on the organisation.

With reference to many different leadership models, practical experience and a carefully crafted combination of coaching, training and feedback, leadership coaching can be used to develop and support both new and established leaders to fulfill their role with confidence and conviction.

Use leadership coaching in your organisation to:

  • Build credibility and trust
  • Communicate effectively
  • Increase self-awareness and impact on others
  • Develop strong self-leadership skills & high levels of personal performance
  • Recognise and embrace strategic responsibility
  • Define and balance skills of management and those of leadership
  • Become the inspirational leader that you would want to follow
EQ & Skills Development

Benefit from 1-to-1 training and practical application

Learn faster, implement quicker and ensure sustained effectiveness by working with PCUK to learn and develop soft skills or to incorporate new technical skills into your existing routine.

Embed newly acquired technical skills

Newly acquired skills depreciate quickly without consistent practice and application. Coaching can provide the support and confidence to recognise opportunities to use them both to the benefit of the organisation and the advancement of the employee.

Emotional Intelligence and soft skill development

Most of us are highly trained in technical and business skills but often lack the soft skills required to incorporate them in the context of our roles and relationships. Coaching in this area provides 1-to-1 support for highly talented people to confidently bring their expertise to the fore whilst managing relationships, communicating effectively and becoming aware of their impact on others.

Use and EQ based coaching programme to:

  • Improve relationships and communication styles
  • Develop effective leadership skills
  • Deal with a challenging environment
  • Increase confidence
  • Raise awareness of how you impact others
  • Give, receive and use feedback productively
  • Increase self-control and organisational skills
  • Become more flexible in approach
  • Build resilience

The Emotional Capital Report

Online self-report; full 360-feedback report; or recruitment assessment

Gain an accurate and detailed insight into the current level of individual emotional intelligence as well as strategies to leverage strengths and develop weaker areas


Team Coaching

Celebrate success with a well functioning team….

The focused concentration of skills, strengths and experience of a well functioning team will always outstrip the efforts of any one individual alone. On the other hand, a team which is not working well together can easily inhibit individual contribution and is often more destructive than productive.

Following a detailed consultation, team coaching consists of both group and individual sessions. It is focused on organisational outcomes whilst understanding and incorporating individual roles and goals within its context. The dual objective is in achieving the desired end result whilst also developing the strength and breadth of the team itself.

Use team coaching to:

  • Clearly establish shared outcomes
  • Understand individual roles and contributions
  • Create an environment of trust and shared accountability
  • Create targets for success
  • Appreciate and utilise all resources within the team
  • Sustain performance levels throughout all stages of the project
3rd Sector Organisations

Partnering your commitment to change …….

Having coached both leaders and team members from the 3rd sector  PCUK is particularly committed to supporting those who choose to work there.

In a challenging environment where expectations are high and a strong link to the cause drives people on, working 1-to-1 with a coach provides the opportunity to stop, reflect and plan as well as support for professional development and to fulfil the demands of both individual roles and the organisational cause to best effect.

Use performance coaching in the 3rd Sector to:

  • Create time, space and opportunity to stop and reflect
  • Build effective leadership styles to support the organisation and move it forward
  • Increase effective contribution throughout the organisation
  • Improve relationship and communication styles
  • Support effective collaboration and partnerships
  • Support career development plans
  • Build resilience
  • Re-ignite the commitment of those struggling in a tough environment

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