Musicians and Performers
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Musicians and Performers

An Essential Foundation

As performers we value a strong foundation of basic skills, techniques and knowledge of our genre. It makes sense then to understand how our brain works as part of that foundation and how to programme it to support us, both in preparation and performance.

Designed for Survival

In the primitive world our brains were designed to keep us safe from life-threatening dangers. In the modern world they can easily mistake judgements on our performance or ego as similar threats and trigger the same autonomic responses – giving us the ability to fight or run for our lives. The amount of adrenalin that makes this possible is not so helpful when performing intricate tasks. Mind-Skills coaching can help the brain identify the difference between real and imagined dangers and respond in a more appropriate manner, one that supports the outcome we have worked so hard to achieve.

Practising Performance

In performance our focus is on what we are doing rather than how we are doing it. As part of our preparation we can practise getting into the best state to allow this to happen, consciously connecting with the best version of ourselves and automatically dealing with obstacles and distractions. Ignoring how this works can result in our mind sabotaging our efforts, or at best, simply not being as helpful as it is can be.

What is performance coaching for musicians?

Based on a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Applied Neuro-Science, Performance Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, I work with clients to identify the best version of themselves in performance and to be able to habitually access this state, allowing a greater sense of comfort, confidence and enjoyment on stage.

Sharpen and quicken the learning process

Using ‘deliberate practice’ techniques and paying attention to how your brain takes in information can result in a dramatic reduction in practice time and an increase in its effectiveness.

Use individual performance coaching and training to:

  • Improve and maintain performance levels
  • Increase confidence
  • Build effective mental rehearsal techniques
  • Manage performance anxiety Increase resilience
  • Bounce back from disappointment
  • Create a fast and effective practice routine
  • Communicate effectively with both your audience and your colleagues
  • Reconnect with the enjoyment of performance

M4M – ‘Mindskills for Musicians’ – Workshops and training

Informed by over 25 years performing with world-class orchestras and ensembles and a commitment to teaching that spans from junior school to conservatoires and professional players, I run both 1-off workshops to introduce the benefits of getting your brain onside as well as more detailed programmes tailored to your individual context.

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